What We Do

Here on the Ranch, we raise pastured pork and grass-fed beef.


This is a part of the ranch that we’re VERY excited about. It’s need a little more time to grow before we’re ready to share with all of you but please, STAY TUNED!

We promise, more is coming!


Pastured Pork is… exactly that: pork that has been raised out in a Pasture! We believe that, in order for pigs to lead the best life they can (and produce the best pork achievable), they need to live in a manner that closely mimics that which would be their natural habitat. This means that our pigs have space to wander and run, trees for shelter from the sun and lush grasses to graze on all day! They spend each day rooting around, rolling around and playing around in the dirt and the mud, just as pigs love to do!

Their feed is supplemented with locally grown grain that we purchase from a small, family owned feed store, as well as plenty of healthy leftovers from a local summer camp.  

If you’re seeking local, delicious pork that was raised in a humane and healthy manner, look no further. We take pride in growing exceptional pork for you to bring home and feed to your family.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the farm any time of year to hear what we have available!