What We Do

Here on the Ranch, we raise pastured pork, grass-fed beef, pasture raised eggs and Thanksgiving turkeys!




We've been working for YEARS to be able to bring our grass fed/grass finished beef to your dinner table. We've spent the last 5-6 years buying cows/bulls, breeding cows, cutting trees, and building fences. We've made mistakes, we've sometimes failed all together but in the end, we've learned more lessons that we could ever imagine and ultimately, we've succeeded. 

Although we have certainly been breathing a sigh of relief to finally have been able to send some of our cows to a USDA butcher, the hard part is not done (is it ever really done when it comes to farming?) We still plan to continue growing our herd over the years to come! This means more planning, more fences, and more tree cutting! 

We raise all our cows out on our pastures which have never been touched by any type of chemical fertilizer, herbicide or pesticide. We believe that when cows are raised in a clean and healthy environment, and allowed to live the way God intended, vaccines aren't necessary and that's why we've never given a single vaccine or antibiotic to any of our cows.

We rotate the cows from one pasture to another throughout the spring, summer and fall and then they come back to the main barn pasture for the winter where we're able to easily feed them high quality hay and balage. [balage is hay that's wrapped wet in a white plastic wrap. Doing it this way causes the hay to ferment, therefore increasing the nutritional value of the hay for the cow.] Their guts love it! 


Pastured Pork is… exactly that: pork that has been raised out in a Pasture! We believe that, in order for pigs to lead the best life they can (and produce the best pork achievable), they need to live in a manner that closely mimics that which would be their natural habitat. This means that our pigs have space to wander and run, trees for shelter from the sun and lush grasses to graze on all day! They spend each day rooting around, rolling around and playing around in the dirt and the mud, just as pigs love to do!

Their feed is supplemented with locally grown grain that we purchase from a small, family owned feed store, as well as plenty of healthy leftovers from a local summer camp.  

If you’re seeking local, delicious pork that was raised in a humane and healthy manner, look no further. We take pride in growing exceptional pork for you to bring home and feed to your family.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the farm any time of year to hear what we have available!


Have you ever done a side-by-side comparison of an egg from a pasture raised chicken vs a commercially grown chicken? The difference will astound you. 

According to a 2007 study done by Mother Earth News, pasture raised eggs are higher in vitamin A, E and Omega 3s as well as lower in cholesterol and saturated fats! Additionally, another study showed that the eggs of hens that were able to roam around in fresh air and sunlight had 4 (FOUR) times the Vitamin D than eggs of hens who were raised inside. Lastly... they taste better. Nuff said!

For me, all of these are MORE than enough of reason to make the switch to pastured eggs. We have an egg stand at the end of our driveway and we also bring our eggs to all of our farmers markets we attend.