About the Ranchers

Hi there! We're the Travis Family! 

We’re Paul, Emily, Hannah & Sam of Endless Mountains Ranch and we’re glad you’re here! 

Endless Mountains Ranch is our small family farm where we raise high quality, grass fed and finished beef, pasture raised pork, and eggs from pasture raised laying hens! We care for each and every animal on our Ranch in a manner that offers them the very best life they could possibly live. Here, they’re treated as living, breathing beings, rather than dollar signs. We do this because we know that the rewards of such treatment not only effect the animals we’re raising, but also the environment in which they live, the soil on which they walk, and the individuals who will eventually use these animals to feed and fuel their families. 

We have a vested interest in helping you, our neighbors, find alternative ways to feed your families with delicious and nutritious food while maintaining control of your hard earned dollars by spending them within your own community. 

We believe in keeping things small.
Keeping them simple.
Keeping them local. 

If you’re interested in learning more about what we have to offer, please FEEL FREE to reach out to either of us via, email, call or text!